17 Essential Apps For Bloggers To Boost Views and Productivity

Yes, blogging is much better done on a laptop or computer where you have breathing space and you can properly map out your ideas before starting, as is writing; of course, a traditional pen and paper may be used for the latter. And yes, I have a thick A4 notebook containing all my blogging notes; … Continue reading 17 Essential Apps For Bloggers To Boost Views and Productivity


Skincare Routines

If you follow my Instagram or are a frequent reader of my blog, you'll know I'm a sucker for some good skincare. That is very true and my bathroom cupboards are full to bursting with travel sized exfoliators, face masks, a whole Simple range, cleansers aand moisturisers galore and, more recently, some new stuff from … Continue reading Skincare Routines


  Firstly, if you're reading this the day of publishing, HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!! This should, of course, be the day to write about feminism, gender equality and empower other women. That being said, every day should. Every day should be one to celebrate being female, to show other women that they are beautiful and strong … Continue reading Feminism